About Scott & Goose

Scott & Goose are Specialists in Equity Release, Mortgages and Insurance.

We are dedicated to creating a meaningful, long-term relationship with you that is based on understanding, knowledge and commitment to progress. We are a company of action: proactive, professional and committed to creating long-term success and financial progression for you, our client.

We understand that everyone’s different, and that’s why our financial planning approach is as individual as you. We know the financial side of life can be complex and that’s why we work hard to get to know you and your aspirations through careful life planning and consultation. We then provide quality advice services and practical pathways to help you achieve the life you want.

With us, progress means development. Financial and life planning helps you to navigate life’s financial complications, free of financial ambiguity and safe in the knowledge that the professional team is at your side, every step of the way.

Our team

Ian is the owner of Scott & Goose and has been in the Mortgage and Insurance business since 2003.

Jude has more than fifteen years of experience and delivers easily understood mortgage and protection planning.

Paul enjoys helping people by demystifying complex mortgage products.

Scott & Goose customer charter

  1. Any advice or recommendations you receive will be provided by a skilled and qualified advisor.
  2. Any recommendations will be the best available product for your needs.
  3. We are happy to offer a FREE initial consultation this can be arranged over the phone or face to face.
  4. Scott & Goose are whole of market brokers, which means we are not tied to any companies, ensuring you receive the best package.
  5. Scott & Goose will explain the process and products to you, jargon free so you fully understand.
  6. We will keep you informed at all key stages of your application. 
  7. We are available by mobile phone to answer any queries outside of office hours.
  8. We adhere to the FCA “treating customers fairly” so you can be confident that you are dealing with a firm whose fair treatment of customers is central to our culture.
  9. At all times we will attend to your requirements quickly and professionally.
  10. The information you provide is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. You may be assured that we and any company associated with us will treat all personal data as confidential and will not process it other than for a legitimate purpose.

We will ensure this charter will be adhered to on every case

Proud members of the Equity Release Council

Members work within the council’s guarantees as part of a commitment to ethical equity release.

No Negative Equity Guarantee — you will never owe more than the value of your home.
You will not lose your home and can remain there for as long as you wish providing it remains your main residence.
• You have freedom to move to another suitable property subject to the new property being acceptable to your product provider.

Find out how much equity you could release

Many factors are taken into account by the lender, your age, health, and the value of your home. Use our Equity Release Calculator tool to see how much money you might be able to release from your property. It only takes a couple of minutes and you don’t have to provide any personal details if you don’t want to.

No personal information required, get instant results

Need more information?

The best way we can help you is to have a quick conversation to understand your situation and recommend appropriate products. Contact us today for a no-obligation discussion.